Putting Together an RV Roof Repair Kit

Itís not terribly difficult to get started with home RV repair; most handy types should be fully capable of doing the necessary maintenance and repairs to keep a vehicle in top condition. However, there are certain tools that every handyman or handywoman should have in an RV roof repair kit. Itís not impossible to conduct repairs without them, but these items really smooth out and speed up the process!

EternaBond RoofSeal

Eternabond is considered the #1 repair tape when it comes to roofing, and will work on EPDM rubber roofs as well as aluminum and fiberglass varieties. Its powerful adhesive will permanently seal up cracks and damaged roof areas, making it a great option for those moments when a tree branch mauls an RVís rubber membrane or UV damage cracks the fiberglass on your favorite old trailer. It is flexible, and will expand and contract appropriately in hot and cold weather conditions, so thereís no need to worry about it cracking like the very product you want to repair!

FlowSeal Self-Leveling Caulk

Mildew-resistant and designed specifically for RV and motor home repair, the main selling point of this Dyco product is that it is extremely flexible and can be applied in a variety of different ways. It can be painted on with a brush, so need not be limited by the scope of a caulking tube, and is extremely weather resistant. Itís a good product for sealing the edges of vent openings and other areas that may shrink or leave space for water to seep into over time. A self-leveling caulk is liquid enough that the force of gravity will level it before it sets, so proper application is no problem.

Liquid Roof

This RV roof repair kit essential is basically a liquid version of the ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber that RV roof membranes are comprised of. This makes it an amazingly useful addition to any toolkit, as it can be used to reinforce an RV roof before or after repairs with what essentially amounts to a new coat of the roof itself. It is self-adhesive, seamless, and requires no pre-coat of primer before application. Use liquid roof to spruce up an older EPDM membrane or to smooth over the obvious tapes and caulks of repair jobs.

Additional Materials

Some non-commercial products are also quite useful. A long wooden plank is helpful to have when conducting RV roof repairs, as it can be placed across the wooden beams of the delicate roof structure to evenly distribute the weight of the person standing on the roof. This reduces the risk of falling through and damaging the very structure you hoped to repair! Latex or vinyl gloves can be good to have when applying sealants, as no one wants to rubberize their own hands while patching up a roof; a builderís ladder is also useful to have, as many rear-mounted RV ladders are light-duty and may break with heavy use.

With the right tools and know-how, most people will be able to use an RV roof repair kit to keep their vehicles in great condition for years to come. Thereís no reason not to get decades of use out of a properly maintained RV!